Insight #8: Leading is a Verb

"Where are we (in our transaction together) and who's leading?" is a phrase you will hear whenever a group of Lean Agile Leaders (functional managers and directors) get together to collaborate on accomplishing a shared aim - at least those who have completed the TCX Program. It's an example of how a team gets in formation - and we notice that getting in formation is built-in to agile practices through the agile roles and ceremonies.

Against the backdrop of characterizing agile practices and ceremonies as the methods and arenas for teams to be working in the business we framed the role of managers and directors as working on the business. This invited the question how might we intentionally construct a consequential environment for use by those working on the business?

As the consequential environment emerged, getting in formation showed itself as an essential step for teams accomplishing their aims - and its here that it becomes evident that leading is a verb.

Where leading happens is now. Leading happens in action. Leading is a verb